Safe Cities Summit

August 29th, 2019 | Singapore

As with all things digital, the benefits of greater efficiency and convenience come at the cost of increasing vulnerabilities and pushback from the public.

Safe Cities Summit will bring together 150+ policymakers, executives, experts and entrepreneurs from the region in Singapore for a dialogue on a range of key issues related to creating and maintaining safe cities.

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  • Defence companies target the cyber-security market
  • It is hard now to avoid street-level surveillance
  • Why San Francisco banned the use of facial-recognition technology
  • America’s security profiling at airports should worry frequent flyers
  • Does China’s digital police state have echoes in the West?
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Key topics of discussion at Safe Cities Summit: 

  • From cybersecurity, transport and infrastructure, crime prevention and the health and well-being of urbanites, what are the unique aspects of safe cities in Asia?
  • What are the top issues that different sectors are facing, and how can they connect to ensure cities are safe?  
  • Regulatory uncertainty, weak institutional capacity and slow returns are just some of the investors’ concerns. (How) does it pay? What is the return on investing in safety?
  • Where should pandemic sit on city stakeholders’ priority lists?
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