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Issue #5  |  March 15th, 2016
Bathroom break
Days after South Dakota’s governor, a Republican, vetoed a bill that would have restricted the use of bathrooms by transgender students, New York's Democrat mayor signed an executive order to allow bathroom use consistent with gender identity.
The price of being LGBT
A gay man in Britain typically suffers a career penalty of $54,000; a woman working in tech in Hong Kong or Singapore, as much as $1.5m, says new research.
Bottom of the pyramid
The authorities in Egypt are increasingly targeting, and imprisoning, gay men, even though the country does not explicitly criminalize same-sex activity.
Out for out
The European Union has done too little to promote LGBT rights within member states, claims Out and Proud, a new group of LGBT people campaigning for Brexit.
A sporting chance
“In five years time we will have openly gay players”, Ivan Gazidis, the chief executive of Arsenal, one of Britain’s top soccer teams, told The Economist’s Pride and Prejudice event in London.
Career penalties:
Our second podcast
To what extent is “career penalty” suffered by LGBT people in the workplace?
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Gay Tourism - In or Out of Africa?
The travel industry contributes about 7.1% of total employment and 3.4% of GDP to the African economy. Can the LGBT travel industry in Africa drive more growth? Read on
Mission possible?
How did the CIA, of all federal agencies, become a model employer of LGBT people? Find out why from our conversation with CIA director John Brennan.
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