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Issue #15  | 1st February 2017
Gayer America
The percentage of Americans identifying as LGBT is rising
Good business
The number of companies designating themselves LGBT-certified has tripled in the past five years
Pink pound
Separating LGBT prisoners from other jailbirds is proving so popular that Thailand is considering opening the world’s first LGBT-only prison
Closing the great rift
A growing campaign in Malawi for LGBT people to have equal access to healthcare
Scout's honor
The Boy Scouts of America now accept transgender boys
You're not fired!
LGBT worker protection to stay under Trump
A sporting chance
When will it be normal for professional sports stars who are LGBT to be out?
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Broadening the mind
The latest trends in LGBT travel
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A crisis mishandled
From The Economist: A new book explains why America’s AIDS crisis took shamefully long to solve
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