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Issue #13  | 14th December 2017
Ending everyday low benefits
Walmart, a huge retailer, settled a discrimination lawsuit, compensating same sex partners of its workers who had been denied benefits
Bangla dash
Gay Bangladeshis are fleeing the country as its hostility to LGBT people grows ever more violent
Spreading LGBT wings
LGBT homebuyers are looking beyond traditional ‘gay resorts’
Voters schmoters
North Carolina's controversial “Anti-LGBT” law, despite prompting the election of a Democrat governor, may live on
Is the Pope Catholic?
The Vatican reaffirms its position, once seemingly questioned by the Pope, that gay men should not be priests
Pick and Mx
A fluid approach to gender is sweeping the world
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The identity business
How companies are embracing gender fluidity
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The Pride and Prejudice podcast: The Medici vs the Trumps
Shareholders should want companies to resist any populist backlash against LGBT inclusion, Frans Johannson of The Medici Group tells Matthew Bishop in our latest Pride and Prejudice podcast
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