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Issue #12  | 16th November 2016
Only 14% of LGBT people voted for Donald Trump, but in Oregon, Kate Brown, a bisexual, became the first openly LGBT person to win election as governor of an American state.
Unfriendly fire
A defence bill that would let government contractors discriminate against LGBT workers is provoking a storm in Congress.
Le censorship
A French court rules that calling someone 'homophobic' can be defamatory.
Municipal bonds
Chiba became the first Japanese city to grant its LGBT staff the same rights to holidays and leaves of absence as married straight employees.
Leveling the playing field
Gay sports stars perform better when they are out.
Trump, friend or foe?
The election of Donald Trump as President has led to a renewed concern about the mixed messages sent by his campaign to America's LGBT community.
A pint of pride
London’s gay bar scene is being disrupted, probably for the better.
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Bathroom justice
From The Economist: America's Supreme Court considers transgender access to toilets.
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The handmaiden's tale
What a surprise hit film says about attitudes to LGBT people in South Korea.
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